Industrial Cleaning


Wet-ice blasting makes quick work of barnacles, muscles, seaweed, stubborn algae and other types of marine growth and can safely remove anti-fouling paint. If left to their own devices, these uninvited travelers significantly increase drag and fuel cost, cover vital sensors and block intake pipes. Ice is gentle enough to remove paint and marine growth without damaging the fiberglass or aluminum hull.

Leaving one waterway and entering another? Whether a race or leisure traveling, avoid cross-contaminating waterways with Epic Ice Blasting services.

bridge ice blasting


Wet-ice blasting suppresses dust and emits minimal residual moisture. This makes containment easy when removing substances that could be hazardous to our pristine waters and precious soil. An ideal technology for removing lead paint and asbestos.

Epic Ice Blasting machine has a controlled spray which captures particulates and airborne contaminants. We use proper containment and disposal methods ensuring our water, soil, and air remain safe.

Fire Damage & Remediation

Epic wet-ice blasting technology can be used to clean smoke damage off wood and metal surfaces. With the change of a nozzle designed to break wet-ice into even smaller particles then slow their outward force, our ice blasting machine is gentle enough to remove charred damage without damaging the wood beneath.

Save time and money replacing costly structures when we can simply clean them using ice.

Military Watercraft & Aircraft

Military Watercraft & Aircraft

Wet-Ice blasting makes quick work of barnacles, muscles, seaweed and other types of marine growth that cause drag and disrupt vital sensors and intake valves. Underwater cleaning is typically done by divers equipped with scrapers.  This is a slow, labor-intensive process that is inadequate because scrapers cannot clean small nooks or pipes. Ice blasting nozzles allow us to reach into tight areas and safely blast off marine growth.

Best of all, since ice is just a different form of water, the residual medium has no adverse effect on the environment.

Industrial Flooring ice blasting

Industrial Flooring

Wet-Ice blasting removes grease, paint and adhesives from manufacturing floors, walls and equipment without contaminating the air or saturating the floor with water, also making it safe enough to use in clean rooms. Ice blasting uses 95% less water than a pressure washer. This reduction in water means that ice blasting is a much more practical method of cleaning indoors.

Auto manufacturing, adhesive plants, paper and pulp manufacturing, rubber tire manufacturing, food processing plants and distilleries are just a sampling of the industries we service.