Commercial Cleaning

Graffiti & Paint Removal

Ice blasting can remove graffiti! Whether on locomotive boxcars, buildings, bridges, or public bathrooms, graffiti is unsightly and costly to remove. What’s worse, typical graffiti removal means the use of caustic, hazardous chemicals. With epic wet-ice blasting technology, we can safely remove graffiti without the use of chemicals and without damaging the substrate on which it was painted for a fraction of the price.

Surface preparation for repainting is quick and easy with wet-ice blasting. Let Epic Ice Blasting prepare and clean your surface for repainting.

Surface Preparation

Wet-Ice blasting will not damage the parent metal, asphalt road or polished concrete surface when cleaning. Surface preparation, paint and residue removal can be accomplished in a fraction of the time and without substrate damage. Deburr metal parts without rounding off corners and edges. Remove residue from various industrial molds including tough rubber residue from tire molds.

Our wet-ice blasting technology is strong enough to remove residue and burrs but gentle enough not to change the integrity of the mold or damage the metal part.

Heavy Equipment

Avoid using expensive and highly hazardous chemicals when cleaning tar, grease and cement residue off your vitally important heavy equipment. When dealing with contaminants it is imperative to have an effective, safe and environmentally friendly cleaning method.

While ice can be gentle on sensitive surfaces like wires, pneumatic control lines, fittings and glass without causing damage; with a change of a nozzle, ice can create an impactful force removing harder substances like asphalt and cement.

pool ice blasting


Whether a commercial business, municipality or residence, we can get your pool back to pristine condition. We safely remove algae, mold, graffiti and more using ice. Ice is gentle enough to use on plaster, exposed aggregate and concrete keeping the pool’s integrity intact.

The best part, with our wet-ice blasting technology, there is no need to use costly chemicals or cleaners making pool start up after cleaning a cinch.