Cleaning Solutions

Ice blasting has thousands of applications. So to make it simple all these applications can be explain into five basic categories. These are the 5 Elements to Clean: Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire.


Oil & Gas, Tar, Bitumen, Adhesives, Concrete, Food Processing, Nuclear, Asphalt, Grease.

The applications that fall under our earth element are some of the biggest industries in the world. Often dealing with expensive and highly sensitive contaminants it’s imperative to have an effective, safe and environmentally friendly cleaning method.


Deburring, Surface Preparation, Cleaning Paint, Tire Molds, Foam Molds, Injection Molds

There are several different reasons why you might blast a metal surface. Surface preparation or paint removal, deburring or maybe you need to clean off residue that’s built up on a metal mold.


Marine, Underwater Intakes, Barnacles, Pools.

With Ice blasting, it’s easy to reach into tight areas and blast off marine growth or antifouling paint. Ice is gentle enough to remove the paint or growth without damaging the Fiberglas or aluminum hull. Best of all, since ice is just a different form of water, the media has no adverse effects on the environment.


 Remediation, Fire, Paint, Stain, Pulp & Paper, Prep.

Ice blasting uses 95% less water than a pressure washer.  This reduction in water means that it’s a much more practical method of cleaning indoors, such as in wood manufacturing or pulp and paper plants. It can also be used to clean areas that are sensitive to too much moisture.


Factory, Residential, Remediation, Fire Damage

Ice blasting technology can be used to clean smoke damage off of wood. The little pins the ice breaker flare nozzle break the ice into smaller particles and slow them down. These small, slower moving ice particles provide enough power to clean ash from the charred surface, but are gentle enough not to damage the wood beneath.

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