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Epic Ice Blasting Services

We are a mobile and professional industrial cleaning company offering real Eco-friendly Wet Ice Blasting within all types of industrial and domestic environments and industries such as Power Generation, Automotive, Fire & Smoke Damage, Print, Paper, Plastics, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical etc.

Wet Ice Blasting is a truly innovative and new way of industrial cleaning some of the hardest contaminates to clean. We have the latest in ice blast media equipment ensuring the highest levels of effectiveness in any required cleaning activity, whether it is light starch debris/build up or heavy tar, concrete, bitumen or glue residues and more built up over a period of time.

Wet Ice Blasting only uses 10% the water of conventional water Blasting or pressure washing methods. By using wet ice as our blasting media we produce virtually .05% airborne contaminates.

Due to the use of wet ice cubes; containing any debris is easy as ice is a solid so once it hits the substrate it virtually disintegrates and falls to the ground leaving minimal to NO mess left to clean. Plus the substrate actually gets cleaned up by residual water at the end leaving your substrate spotless.

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